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Image by Adam Wilson

Does Gulmohar's ship to the United States?

Based on the current import and export laws, we cannot ship to the United States, Europe, or anywhere else for personal use.

How does Gulmohar's have such a large selection of rare whiskies?

After 50+ years in business, our family has built a vast network. We spent the time foraging friendships so that you can find the impossible with us.

Where can I get a good whisky with my dinner on SXM?

We supply some of the best restaurants and top-tier bars on the island. If you would like one of our premium Scotches or Bourbons with your meal, then we can suggest some of our favorite spots. 

Where is your price list or inventory list?

We have a constantly changing and ever-evolving inventory. We do not have an online price list or current product list. We regularly get one bottle of rare whisky that may sell out the same day. It is best to call us or email if you are looking for something specific.

Do you offer free tastings?

Our mission is to deliver quality spirits at the best price possible, so while we don't offer free tastings we offer a great deal on tastings at our partner company, LuxBar.

Can I take your whisky home with me?

Of course! Each country has different regulations, and the requirements vary from airplanes to cruise ships, but we can help guide you on the best way to get your treasures home.

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